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The Alysse-verse is actually a pair of universe in which the primary difference from Highlander canon is an Immortal woman who most people know as Alysse - regardless of the accuracy of that as a name prior to the modern day, as it's all the name I've been able to get out of the muse. She was once revered as a goddess of the sea by a people that are either dead or whose mythology is not readily available to the Western world, and dependent on which of two male Immortals she met first, became one of two rather different people.

The "light" version is where Alysse met Methos early in her life, though not as his student - nor is the relationship romantic or sexual in nature. Most often, she tends to kidnap him and dump him far from where he was or wishes to be. This version of Alysse has also met Duncan MacLeod, and isn't sure she likes him - though she doesn't actively hate him, either. She meets various other Immortals we've seen in canon, but not the Horsemen.

The "dark" version is where Alysse met Kronos while she was still revered as a goddess, and after he'd been dropped down a well by Methos. She is a far more vicious and dangerous individual, and she's not met many of the Immortals we know in canon until after Kronos death - at which point, she self-destructs fairly rapidly, having lost the center of her world, and not being very fond of the way humanity has changed.

Fandom: Highlander
Stories (Dark)

Goddess On Her Knees
Het, Explicit (Graphic Sex, Graphic Violence)
1157 words, Complete
Alternate Universe
She laughs when he backhands her.
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A Wilderness Stripped From the World
Gen, Mature (Choose Not To Warn)
Alysse, Joe Dawson, Methos
2183 words, Complete
Alternate Universe, Episode Related (Season 5, Episode 13 - "Revelation 6:8")
"He was... everything. Wild wolf of the steppe, sharp and fierce as winter winds on a northern sea. The thunder of hooves beneath me; wild, joyous laughter reveling in all we were."
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