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A Darker Twist
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a Criminal Minds mirror-verse AU. Hotch is a hit-man for hire with a desire for a challenge in his hits. Reid is a well-respected lecturer with an abiding interest in murder and the skills to make them difficult to solve. Garcia is a hacker who never stays in one place for long, unless Reid's asked her to house-sit his Mahattan pent-house. JJ destroys reputations for a living, and her husband Will is a thief who hasn't yet been caught. Rossi is a mafia don on Long Island, and Gideon is one of Reid's few victims who isn't dead. Morgan is a vigilante in Chicago, and Prentiss assassinates people who can't be brought to justice.

Fandoms: Criminal Minds

Beloved Muse
Het, Teen (Chose Not to Warn)
Spencer Reid, Jennifer Jereau, Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia, Maeve
Spencer Reid/Maeve
400 words, Complete
Mirror-verse, Character Study, Episode Related
In one world, the gun fires and two bodies hit the ground. In another, things go rather differently.
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Last Updated: 2 May 2013