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An AU which combines elements from both Classic Who and New Who, and from Torchwood, and muddies the timelines of canon entirely. Important points include the Doctor and the Master eliminating the drums from his head at a fairly young age - which does little good for the Doctor's stability; the fondness between the Master and Romana; the changes in the Time War; the various companions of the Doctor and of the Master; and the difference in the founding of Torchwood.

Fandoms: Doctor Who

Gen, Teen (Chose Not to Warn)
Donna Noble, Koschei, Solisan
818 words, Complete
Alternate Universe
Donna stood in the doorway of the study, her dressing gown wrapped tightly around her, and a rugby bat in one hand. Staring at the man sprawled across one of her comfy chairs, his eyes closed.
Fairytales & Nightmares
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