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Gen Fic

A Wilderness Stripped From the World
Gen, Mature (Choose Not To Warn)
Alysse, Joe Dawson, Methos
2183 words, Complete
Alternate Universe, Episode Related (Season 5, Episode 13 - "Revelation 6:8")
"He was... everything. Wild wolf of the steppe, sharp and fierce as winter winds on a northern sea. The thunder of hooves beneath me; wild, joyous laughter reveling in all we were."
Alysse-verse (Dark)
Archive of Our Own, On this site

Het Fic

Goddess On Her Knees
Het, Explicit (Graphic Sex, Graphic Violence)
1157 words, Complete
Alternate Universe
She laughs when he backhands her.
AU: Alysse-verse (Dark)
Archive of Our Own, Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, On this site

Mixed Fic

The Art of Surrender (Without Submission)
Harry Potter, Sanctuary, Stargate SG1
Mixed, Teen (Chose not to warn)
Unspecified characters and pairings
720 words, Complete
Character Study
It begins with a choice, as all things do. And it ends with a decision, though perhaps not the same as the beginning.
Archive of Our Own, On this site

Last Updated: 1 May 2013