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Ratings Guide

I've taken to using the ratings on AO3, and you can find an explanation of the ratings on that archive (see their symbols guide, which will come up if you click the symbols next to a story title).

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Genre Guide

There are a number of genres which I use privately to sort my stories, but do not explicitly label stories as such when posting them, either because the fandoms involved make that redundant, or because it's not a genre used anywhere but in my head (to my knowledge). Those listed below are ones which I will actually use. The first three are the ones I use most, the rest are useful.

Alternate Universe/Alternate History: A story set in a deliberately non-canon setting, with deviations from canon characterizations and events that vary from mild to extreme. There are not many stories here that aren't alternate universe in some fashion. Alternate History is simply a story which is nominally set in the "real" world, with facets of history altered. I also use Alternate History as a genre when writing Shakespeare fanfic.

Mirror-verse: A particular sort of alternate universe in which the characters tend toward social roles or characterizations that reverse some significant part of what and who they are in canon. I will not label a story both AU and mirror-verse any more than I would label it both AU and alternate history, nor alternate history and mirror-verse - it will be one of those three, or none of them.

Crossover: A story which involves taking characters from one fandom and dragging them into another, or blending two fandoms. Any other form of crossover that may exist you probably won't find here. There are also a lot of stories in the library here that are crossovers, and some AUs which are that way because of the way the crossover turns out.

Apocalyptic: A story in which the world is in a state of extreme upheaval, or after a major disaster of natural or unnatural causes.

Character Study: In which the focus is on the thoughts and emotions of a character, usually revolving around a single event or action. I have used it also to describe short stories in which there is little to no dialogue, and the point of view is entirely that of one character.

Episode Related: Missing scenes or stories written that strongly tie into a specific episode of a show, the events of a specific book or movie.

Chivalric Fantasy: Where the story focuses on the romanticized ideal of feudal society at its best, usually a story set in a historical setting, though sometimes it can extend to the modern day.

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Warnings Guide

Beyond those used on AO3, I also will add a warning for graphic sex (most of the time). The warnings on AO3 are: Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depcitions of Violence, Major Character Death, and Underage Sex. They also have "No Archive Warnings Apply" and "Choose Not To Warn" - neither necessarily means there isn't something potentially triggering, or squicky. And the latter, especially, does mean that the reader should be aware there are likely to be things that are potentially triggery.

I do not consider kink or slash warnings. The latter is a category, the former something in my notes. Neither are horrendeous or wrong or dangerous in general, though some things that are kinks can be dangerous.

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Category Guide

Another piece borrowed from AO3, and best referred to their site (see their symbols guide, which will come up if you click the symbols next to a story title).

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Last Updated: 12 November 2012