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Welcome to my library, where I host my fanfiction, along with archiving links to where I've posted it on AO3, Dreamwidth, and/or Livejournal. Stories are sorted by fandom, as well as by alternate universe (I have several, all are open for others to play in), and series. Sometimes I've managed to seperate them out on AO3 (where most of my work is posted), sometimes I haven't, since in some cases, all stories in an AU are in a series, and sometimes they aren't.

Some pages may be in the process of being updated. If a link doesn't work, email me at, and I will fix it as soon as possible. (Usually within a couple of months, but it all depends on outside factors. This site is a hobby, the writing isn't.)

Each listing has a title, the fandom, links, category, a summary or teaser, ratings and warnings, and characters involved. On individual story pages, there may also be pairings as applicable, any genres I apply to it, setting information (time, place, and/or relation to canon), a word count and status, and the alternate universe and series it belongs to, if any.

All works in the main Archive are dirivative stories based on the universes created by other individuals. Foxhole is a universe created as a meta-fandom playground, and is available for use by other individuals.

Last Updated: 12 November 2012