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Clint and Angrboða
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The stories in Archer, Battle-Mage, Trickster, and Warrior that follow Clint and Angrboða, with additional POVs from Natasha and Pepper.

The Archer and the Battle-Mage
Het, Mature (Sex)
Clint Barton, Angrboða; Clint Barton/Angrboða
"Bed?" he murmurs, loosening his grip enough that she can turn to look at him, to study him for a long moment. "To sleep."
A smile crosses her face, and she leans in for another kiss, chaste and brief. "And I will still be here when you wake up," she murmurs, a promise that loosens something in his chest.
AU: Archer, Battle-Mage, Trickster, and Warrior
Series: Main Series (of the AU)
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